Business Support

How can Workways + assist my business?

With businesses more aware of their corporate social responsibility, there are now opportunities to demonstrate this by recruiting motivated individuals who are seeking employment.

Workways Employer Liaison Officers can match local people with businesses, helping them gain the vital skills and experience needed to find long term employment.

Supporting you to support local people

Employer Liaison Officers will ensure a successful link with local companies, to assist with recruitment and access any available support by:

  • Liaising with representatives of your organisation to establish available roles
  • Assisting with job descriptions
  • Advertising the vacancies to a pool of suitable candidates
  • Supporting the scheduling of recruitment days and facilitating recruitment venues
  • In some cases creating a temporary job opportunity within your business, subsidising a participant’s wages for an agreed period
  • Looking at the most effective way of recruiting the best candidate for the job – work trials and taster days 
  • Preparing potential candidates with suitable training and work experience
  • Ensuring all business support avenues are explored to assist with recruitment, training, staff retention and ongoing assistance
  • Working in partnership with you, building a long term business relationship to assist your ongoing recruitment needs

If you are interested in receiving more information on how your business can benefit from Workways + support, please contact your local office.

How we have helped other businesses: