Help to get a job

Getting a job can be stressful and the thought of completing application forms and attending interviews can put the best of people off. We have the solution. Our mentors will work with you one to one to build confidence, look for jobs, develop your CV, identify and fund training, prepare you for interviews, even help with the purchase of clothing and travel costs. We have thought of everything and our mentors offer support when finding a job gets tough. Our team of Employment Liaison Officers work with local employers and often we have jobs that are not advertised anywhere else.

"Workways has helped me gain confidence and skills I need to make it in the workplace"

– Sam, 23, from Port Talbot

“Workways+ offers a wonderful service, really practical and delivered by people that really care. I love my job and it is very rewarding. I help supervise, train and develop people that are on work experience at the Social Zone café. The experience I am getting is brilliant and I can say that thanks to Workways+ my catering career is well and truly under way.”

– Mark Roach, Pembrokeshire

“It’s been great to be able to get a qualification, it has really made me feel more confident.”

Neville, Ceredigion

“I had regular meetings with my Workways+ mentor Angela and to my surprise she was able to give me options I never knew would be possible. Workways arranged and attended my job interview with me. I would have regular calls to see how I was doing or if there was anything I needed help or support with. I feel I'm positive role model for my son.”

Melanie, Swansea

“Lee has been amazing. He provided practical support developing my CV, helped me with getting an e-mail address. Meeting with Lee every week gave me something to aim for. After working with Lee for 4 months, I had sent a lot of applications and Lee helped me through any knock-backs, making sure I was ok and that I wasn’t feeling low, until I was eventually offered two jobs in one day.”

– Natalie Brown, Carmarthenshire

“I really enjoy working in the care sector. It’s quite different to my previous work in construction but doing something different that is so satisfying. Workways+ is a great service. They help with your confidence and have great practical advice on how to get a job. They are hands on and really care about what they do.”

Paul Watts, Neath Port Talbot

“Workways+ gave me my chance to prove to everyone and myself that I could have a good job. For the first time I have money in the bank. I can’t thank Workways+ enough. The practical support they have given me has been great and the fact that they funded a placement for me in a company so I could prove what I was capable of was what really got me on my feet.”

– Rob Driscoll, Pembrokeshire

“The social part of the course was great and getting the qualification is an achievement. Getting out in the fresh air and helping the community is something I really enjoy.”

– Ed, Ceredigion

“Workways+ helped me in many ways. CV building, interview techniques, fork truck licence and found a work placement while building a new found confidence, all within weeks. I was placed in an environment in which I had no experience but in no time at all I became competent. Workways+ is an exceptional organisation that massively contributed to the confident working man I am today.”

– Nathan Evans, Swansea

“Workways+ has been invaluable, especially with funding as it would have been impossible to gain qualifications without it. If you’re thinking of getting back to work, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Workways+.”

– Stephen Lawson, Carmarthenshire

“Workways + have been great, really supported me. My mentor and ELO have been amazing! Having a great job mean so much, it has helped me financially and has given me great confidence.”

– Scott James, Neath Port Talbot

“Workways+ are such nice people and they have been wonderful in helping me to do things I am passionate about. I am very proud of what I do and so is my family. I would recommend Workways+ to anyone wanting to make the most of their lives.”

Siân Andrews, Pembrokeshire

“It’s thanks to Wendy and Beti that I am where I am and thank you doesn't even come close to how grateful I am.”

– Danielle Bradford, Ceredigion

“Having worked away in the past I wanted to be based in Swansea, to be able to spend more time with my family. Workways+ took this on-board and they did not try to get me to apply for jobs away. I cannot thank them enough; they helped me get new training certificates and find a great local job. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get back into work.”

Phil Evans, Swansea

“I am so grateful for the support Workways+ has given me. They are a nice team of people that work hard to help people get on. Helping my dad means the world to me and that is down to the training I had. Workways has boosted my confidence and helped me with practical support. I can’t thank them enough.”

– Alan Sturley, Carmarthenshire

“Neil, Charlie and Workways+ have been brilliant. Neil and Charlie are such nice people and they really care. I was at an all-time low and Neil and Charlie helped me get back on my feet and into a job I enjoy. I can’t recommend Workways+ enough to anyone looking to get a job.”

Margaret Thomas, Neath Port Talbot

“I am now in a meaningful job that I love. The support here is great and Workways+ have helped me no end into doing something that is so special. I would ask that anyone looking to make that next move towards a job to contact Workways+, it’s amazing how much they can do for you.”

Steffeni, Pembrokeshire

“Before signing up to Workways, I was a stay at home full time mammy of 6 children. Childcare and caring responsibilities was a worry as of the expense, with a large family. Workways+ introduced me to Rob, my mentor. He gave me confidence and started me on a path so that I could feel I was heading somewhere, with someone by my side. Workways+ is fantastic."

– Melanie

“Getting a job isn’t just about earning a wage. A job builds your confidence and gets you out meeting people. It gives you a sense of achievement and pride. I am so pleased I contacted Workways+. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get on. They have helped me get a job I really enjoy.”

– Jennifer Voisey, Neath Port Talbot

Workways+ offers a wide range of support, fully funded and free to the participant.

Help to get a job:

  • 1-1 support from an employment mentor.
  • Help to build your confidence.
  • Focus on the most suitable type of job.
  • Help to get to grips with interview techniques.
  • Help with job seeking.
  • Help to complete job applications.

Find out more by contacting our office in your local area

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