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If you are a business looking to employ then it is well worth talking to your local Workways+ office.

Workways+ is a fully funded service aimed at helping unemployed people back into work. We have a range of people currently engaged with the service and just waiting for the right business to work for.

Workways+ knows that it is important for all businesses to employ staff that have the right attitudes and skill sets. Workways+ Employment Liaison Officers (ELO) will meet with you to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and the type of person needed to fill it. We will then search our group of participants to find ideal candidates.

We may even be able to arrange for you to provide a trial period for one of our participants for up to 12 weeks with Workways+ paying the participant’s wage. You wouldn’t need to pay anything.  This way the participant gets work experience and the employer gets a chance to evaluate a new member of staff without it costing them. Many employers that have taken this opportunity are delighted with the participant and at the end of the ‘paid work opportunity’ they are only too happy to take them on full time.


helping businesses and social enterprises recruit great staff

Castell Howell

Castell Howell Cash and Carry Manager Eirian Thomas said, “Darren (Workways+ participant) is hard working, enthusiastic and very popular with his colleagues and customers. Darren is very good at identifying what needs to be done and he cracks on with it. We are very pleased with his contribution to the business. Darren came through to Castell Howell through Workways+. We have a very good relationship with Workways+ and we would implore other businesses to engage with them. They can provide great support and help businesses with their recruitment.”

Buckingham Group Contracting

Jaime Bohata, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd said, “Steven (Workways+ participant) was originally introduced to us when he came to site working for our groundwork contractor.  He very quickly demonstrated a very positive attitude towards all tasks including buying into Buckingham Groups procedures.  When his role came to an end with the contractor we were looking for a site operative to join our team and there was no hesitation in contacting him to fill the position. Steven goes about his day to day activities with a refreshing positivity, irrespective of its nature.  He is diligent, very polite and observes elements outside his remit and reports back to the site team anything that may need attention.  He has been awarded our ‘Employee of the Month’ award as a recognition of his efforts”.

Habitat Homecare

Steve Davies, Managing Director, Habitat Homecare said, “Melanie  (Workways+ participant)  joined the team at Habitat Homecare in late 2019 through the Workways+ scheme.  At the time the company was growing and our workload was increasing hence the need to source an additional member for the team.  Melanie has consistently developed and improved both personally and professionally ensuring that everyone who contacts our organisation is provided with the highest level of service and best candidate experience possible”.

AWE Aluminium

Wayne Evans, Manager of AWE Aluminium said, “Nathan (Workways+ participant)  has worked really hard since he was introduced by Workways+ and he has settled into his role as fabricator well. From the start he has shown that he is hardworking and responsible – qualities which have helped him in becoming team leader within his department. We offered him the position and he jumped straight in and made an impact straightaway. We have no doubt he will do a great job for us going forward.”

CDA Care

Mrs Sonali Perera, CDA Care Ltd said, “I was on the lookout for a new Team Leader with the criteria in mind. While observing the routines of the staff I found that Paul (Workways+ participant) possessed the qualities that I was looking for. Punctuality, attention to detail, ability and willingness to shoulder responsibilities and executing them as expected, stood out in his favor. Because of his work ethics Paul was selected for the post. It is a pleasure to have a person like him in my team. He can go a long way in his chosen field.”

Westward Energy Services

Stuart Thomas, Administration Manager, Westward Energy Services said, “Jenny (Workways+ participant)  is a great addition to our company. Jenny’s role is varied and demanding and she is involved with all areas of supporting the team. Jenny has integrated really well with her colleagues and she has a great attitude towards her work. Jenny likes to get involved with whatever jobs we may have for her and she carries out her duties in a meticulous way. We are very pleased to have Jenny working with us. We are also delighted with the help Workways+ gave us in recruiting. They have access to a pool of trained people looking for jobs and their ‘Paid Work Opportunity’ gives employers a chance to work with a person before committing any financial support.”

Green Hat Consulting

Ian James said, “Sharon (Workways+ participant) is a great addition to our team and we are expanding and Sharon’s role will grow as well. This is our first time employing someone via a Paid Work Opportunity and I have say it has been very good. We did not look at it as a way of saving money but as a way of given someone a real go at getting the job. It is a big improvement on relying on interviews. Workways+ offers a great service and they work hard at supporting businesses as well as  people looking for jobs.”

Cando Laundry Services

Daniel Shepherd, Director of Cando Laundry Services said, “Bernadette (Workways+ participant)  has been with us now for 10 months and she is a great member of the team. She has the ‘Cando’ attitude and that is what we look for. We have collaborated with Workways+ for over a year and they are great partners. They take responsibility for a lot of the recruitment work, including vetting people to make sure we get a high level of applicant.”

Canolfan Maerdy

Gill, Manager at Canolfan Maerdy said, “I quickly identified that Hannah (Workways+ participant) was very keen to learn and join in with the running of the groups within the Centre. It was lovely to watch Hannah personally develop and grow in confidence. Hannah is a pleasure to have within the team”.

Workways + support leads to great job for single mum

A former Operator Mechanic in Communications within the Royal Navy, Sharon’s life was on a positive course. However, whilst serving in the Navy Sharon had a serious accident causing physical injury. Leaving the Navy, Sharon was keen to get a job. Sharon approached the employment support service Workways+.

Workways+ assigned Sharon a mentor. Workways + then assigned her an Employment Liaison Officer, Lesley Nicolson, to help her decide what she would like to do and then search for appropriate jobs. Lesley identified a Swansea based company, Green Hat Consulting as a potential employer. Green Hat had a position available for an administrator. This appealed to Sharon and an interview was arranged. Lesley discussed the position with Ian James, Director, Green Hat Consulting and arranged for Workways+ to fund a 16 week ‘Paid Work Opportunity’.

A PWO is a service that benefits both the employee and employer. The Workways+ PWO funds the wages for the prospective employee for 16 weeks, which gives the employee and employer time to get to know each other and decide whether it is the right opportunity for both of them, before the employer commits any funding. Sharon excelled in her interview and was employed for 16 weeks on a Workways+ ‘PWO’. A delighted Ian James was so pleased with Sharon that on completion of the ‘PWO’, Green Hat Consulting offered her a full time job.

Ian James said, “Sharon is a great addition to our team and as the company expands, Sharon’s role will grow as well. This is our first time employing someone via a ‘Paid Work Opportunity’ and I have to say it has been of great benefit to us. Workways+ helped screen and select suitable candidates for interview saving time and effort and is a big improvement from simply relying on interviews.  Workways+ offers a great service and they work hard at supporting businesses as well as supporting unemployed people. I would recommend the services to any business.

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