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If you would like help to apply for any these jobs you may be eligible for funded support including:

Updating your CV

Workways+ will assign you a dedicated employment mentor to work with you on a 1-1 basis.

Contact can be through phone calls or sharing apps.

The mentor will help you bring together all the key elements of a successful CV including what to put in it and how it should look.

Your Workways+ mentor will help you in a way that is both caring and no pressured. 

Filling out application forms

Your Workways+ mentor will help get all the key information together to ensure the questions on the application form are answered correctly and in a professional style that will impress the employer.

Confidence building

Many people get nervous at job interviews and that is totally understandable.

Your Workways+ mentor will help you focus on your strengths and experience ensuring you have positive things to say at the interviews.

Workways+ often help people that have not been employed and have no qualifications. Your Workways+ mentor will build a plan with you that may involve training, work experience or volunteering to overcome these challenges.

No one is beyond the help of a Workways+ mentor.

Funded training and qualifications

You may be eligible for Workways+ training, qualifications, licenses support.

Your Workways+ mentor will work with you to help you identify a job you would like to do. The mentor will then find a training provider to ensure you get the training needed to carry out the job.

Workways+ will pay for the training costs, the cost of the license and qualifications.

Training courses eligible are varied and includes: forklift operators, acrylic nail technicians, CSCS cards, information technology, office skills and jet washing.

Even if you want to do something unusual, in the vast amount of requests Workways+ can put the funding in place. Eligibility applies.

Funded clothes and PPE

Looking the part can make you feel confident and impress employers.

You may be eligible for funding to purchase interview clothes, safety boots, high viz jackets etc.

Your Workways+ mentor will help you access this funding. Eligibility applies.

Confidence Building Course

Workways+ mentor Mark Williams helping a participant develop his CV.

Employee of the month, Steve Crouch loves his new job

Steve CrouchUnemployed for 10 years, Swansea resident Steve Crouch aged 44 thought he may never get a job. Suffering from neurological damage affecting his back, Steve had severe pain and stiffness. Steve longed to get back into construction work and he made the first positive step though contacting Workways+.

Workways+ assigned Steve a dedicated Mentor, Tracy Bowen. Workways+ arranged and funded a ‘Construction Skills Certification Scheme’ (CSCS) site safety test which would enable him to work on a construction site, a ‘Forward Tipper Dumper Truck’ refresher training course and. Steve passed both. Workways + also funded the costs of safety boots, a hard hat and high visibility clothing. Workways+ through their team of Employment Liaison Officers searched for a construction company in their network. Steve is now employed by the Buckingham Group, the main contractor for the Swansea Arena project.

Steve said, “I received help from Workways+ after being out of work for over 10 years. I was desperate to return to construction. Hard work, enthusiasm, support from Workways+ and the right training has got me the job I wanted. I am loving being back in employment, thank you Workways+”.

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