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Don’t forget that your interview is your chance to find out more about the opportunity and to decide if it’s for you. Remember to take your time and:

  • Be relaxed and confident, remind yourself that you have been selected for an interview on the strength of your CV/application form
  • Smile, be polite and friendly, shake hands if this is appropriate and wait to be asked to sit down. Give your attention to the person asking a question and include all the group when you answer
  • Listen carefully to the questions and think before answering. If you don’t understand, politely ask the person to repeat themselves. Keep your answers to the point and focus on how your skills and strengths fit the role.
  • Don’t wait until the end to ask questions. If you ask during the session, this will show you have an understanding and are interested in knowing more.
  • Before leaving, thank the person for their time and make sure you know when and how a decision will be made and announced. Also ask if you can have feedback if you are unsuccessful so that you can use this as a positive learning experience.

Some questions to practice before the interview

Tell me more about yourself?

This open question gives you a chance to tell the interviewer about all of your life, social, personal and professional and relate these to carrying out the role

What are your strengths?                                                                          

Don’t be shy, let people know all the positives that you identified on your CV.

What do you know about us?

This is where your research efforts pay of. Think about how this relates to the role are applying for.

What are your weaknesses?

Everyone has some. Identify yours and have ideas in place to turn them into strengths. For example, if you need computer skills, have the course details available.

Why should we give you the position instead of someone else?

Be ready to answer this question confidently, after all if you seem uncertain how can you expect the interviewer to be more certain?

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