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You may not be the person you think you are Look at yourself through someone else’s eyes, do they see the same person you do when you look in the mirror. How many skills and qualities have you got that others should know about?

Imagine you are trying to make a good impression, what are you going to say?

Begin by asking yourself these questions:

Am I? What do I have to offer?
Patient Confidence
Understanding Willingness to learn
Pleasant Reliability and punctuality
Trustworthy Initiative
Adaptable Enthusiasm
Positive Sense of humour
Loyal Qualifications
Dependable Experience
Caring Sensitivity


Do I? Do I?
Listen Work well in a team
Motivate Act on my own initiative
Encourage Work well on my own
Lead people Build or design
Organise people and activities Follow instructions accurately
Manage Communicate effectively


If you don’t know the answers, ask those around you for their opinion, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

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