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Before the day

Making a good impression is important. You have already done this through your CV/application form; now take this a step further by following the tips below:

  • Call to confirm that you can attend at the time and date offered.
  • Ask what sort of interview you will have. Will it be a friendly chat or a more formal interview? Will you have to take a test?
  • Ask for a job description, copies of any business literature or a prospectus.
  • Carry out further research on the company.
  • Make sure that you have the full address of where the interview is being held and directions so you can plan your journey. Sometimes a practice trip is a good idea.
  • Make a list of questions you would like to ask during the interview.
  • Practice being interviewed with your partner or friend. If you find this embarrassing at least ask them to look at your list of questions.
  • Are the clothes you plan to wear clean and tidy and appropriate for an interview? Better to be too formal than too informally dressed.
  • Give yourself a confidence boost by reading your CV/application form. After all, this is why you have an interview.
  • Prepare your portfolio to take with you; a copy of the letter you received inviting you to the interview, your CV or a copy of the application form you sent in, any relevant certificates, licences and the research that you have carried out.

On the day

Now is the time to make sure that all your hard work so far has been worth it. With your portfolio ready, your questions prepared and travel plans organised, it is all about preparing yourself as well as possible.

  • What to wear, what not to wear. Now that you have researched the type of organisation you are going to meet, you should know their dress code. Whatever you wear, make sure that you look smart and ready to fit in. This not only gives a good impression but also makes you feel that you fit in. Check your hair, nails and shoes.
  • Be professional and aware of your behaviour from the moment you leave home. At your interview venue, politely introduce yourself to the receptionist; say why you are there and who you have come to see. Use your letter of invite in your portfolio for reference.
  • If you are asked to wait, spend the time getting to know more about where you are. Is there information around such as posters, handouts or reports? Watch people coming and going, what are they talking about and how do they act?

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