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If you are completing an online application it is always advisable to copy it into a word processing package which will enable you to work on it, spell check it, print it out and read it thoroughly before submitting the original.

Some electronic applications are automatically scanned for key selection criteria. To help them to get through this initial stage you must make sure that you use the appropriate words from the job description. For example it if states that excellent communication skills are essential, make sure that you use ‘communication skills’ in your application.

Some electronic applications do not allow you to save what you have done and return to it. Others may time you out.


  • All applications look the same. This means the employer does not have to deal with different fonts, paper size, layout etc.
  • Applications always arrive in perfect condition. Not squashed or creased in the post.
  • You don’t have to worry about your handwriting.
  • Online applications usually do not allow you to leave blanks. Therefore it is difficult to miss out important information.


  • You need access to a computer.
  • You need to be able to use a computer.
  • You can get lazy with spell check or forget it altogether.

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