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Contacting someone using the telephone puts you at an advantage as you can prepare yourself in advance. Prior to making your phone call, you can prepare your work space and have to hand all that you need to answer any questions that may be asked.

This may be useful when enquiring about events going on in your local area, finding out what childcare support is available or when answering an advertised vacancy. In some circumstances a phone call may be the start of a selection process and will be recorded, so it is essential to be prepared.


Before the call

Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance. To give yourself a confidence boost, read your CV/application form and have a copy to hand. After all, if you have sent one this is what they will refer to. Make your call from a quiet place where you can concentrate and not be disturbed. Other points to remember include:

  • If there is an advert, make sure you have a copy in front of you
  • Other literature that may be useful, benefit leaflets, a college prospectus etc
  • Prepare some questions
  • Have a pen and paper ready for making notes
  • Money if you are calling from a payphone or enough credit on your mobile phone
  • If you have the name of the person you wish to speak to, or it is given to you, write it down

Making the call

Try to put a smile into the conversation. People can tell when you are being positive and confident, this makes for a conversation that people enjoy and remember:

  • Ask to speak to the contact person
  • Take a breath and speak clearly
  • Introduce yourself and outline why you are calling
  • Listen and concentrate on what is being said
  • Ask your questions, remember this is a conversation!
  • If you do not hear clearly what is being said, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat themselves
  • Offer to send them your information if they have not already got it
  • Be ready to take notes and read them back to the caller if there are further actions agreed such as meetings, interviews
  • Thank the person for their time

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